YouTube 2.0 ? Joost is coming soon!

YouTube pioneered the way for home made, short video clips to be uploaded to the web and shared with the Internet masses – a form of WebTV. Well, its great until someone decides to record your outlandish drunken behaviour on a camera phone and then posts it to YouTube, BE WARNED! Anyway, I digress…

Joost is currently in beta testing and will be a new way to watch TV, free of the schedules and restrictions that come with traditional television. Combining the best of TV with the best of the internet, Joost allows more control and freedom than ever before – control over what you watch, and freedom to watch it whenever you like.

Interestingly, Joost was formely known as “The Venice Project”, and is brought to us from the people behind Kazaa and Skype. This is seriously one to watch, its going to be huge. Signup for the beta today Currently Apple Mac support only, Windows support coming soon.

As long as the Joost guys don’t get sued, commercials between shows would be the obvious revenue earner. So in theory, I could create a short promo video clip advertising my product or service to be viewed by millions!