Size Matters…


I have been lucky enough to own many different types of laptop over the years. However, no computer has excited me more than the Eee PC (it should really be called the Eee Laptop!)

There are already thousands of reviews of this little machine all over the Interwebs, so I won’t bore you with that.

The laptop is very small, but perfectly functional. A laptop you can take anywhere, especially on short trips or on holidays. The laptop features Flash based storage, which ensure fast boot times and comes with a reasonable web cam, excellent for Skype. The screen and keyboard are a tad small, but you can easily use it for typing emails or for web surfing. (Indeed, the machine comes with Wifi too)

At around the £200.00 mark, the laptop is excellent value. If you are in the UK, pop into your nearest Dixons for a preview.

 Guide to install Windows XP on the EEE PC

 Eee User Blog

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