Business Week’s whose doing what online (US)

Business Week have published a few interesting statistics from Forrester research. The statistics show what percentage of the US’s demographic is online and what they are doing online.

The highlights follow below and make interesting reading. Though I’m sad to read that Generation X is now categorised in the age group of 27-40.  I suddenly feel very old! 

Creators publish Web pages, write blogs, upload videos etc.

37% Youth (18 to 21)
30% Generation Y (22-66)
5%   Seniors  (62+)

Collectors use Really Simple Simplification (RSS) and tag pages for information

18% Generation Y (22 to 26)
16% Youth, Generation X, Older Boomers

Joiners use social networking sites

70% Youth
57% Generation Y
51% Young Teens
29% Generation X

Spectators read blogs, watch peer generated videos and listen to podcasts

59% Youth
54% Generation Y
49% Young Teens
41% Generation X

Inactives are online but do not participate in any form of social media

70%  Seniors
61%  Old Boomers
54%  Young Boomers
42%  Generation X

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