Say hello to Web Analytics 2.0

Its true, its been over a week since I was last excited by a web post. Unplugging from the Matrix has been great and so has
the bright sunshine in London. Anyhow, Web Analytics is becoming increasingly important on tracking how your site, blog, or online marketing campaign is going.

Our friends over at Google, offer some free cool analytics though a little limited. So imagine, my surprise when I came across

Clicky is available for FREE to all users with sites that average less than 1,000 page views per day. They also have a premium service that is required for sites with higher traffic levels, but, they also give you access to a few cool features such as RSS and Spy. When you first register, you get a free two week trial of premium, after which you are downgraded to the free plan if you have not paid the price of just $14.99/year. You can upgrade to premium at any time, before or after your trial ends. Simply go to this page to sign up.

Very Nice..