Facebook stats for the UK, 6,407,580 members

Hat tip to Paul

Using the Flyers Pro application on Facebook, Paul has extrapolated some interesting statistics that are probably not available elsewhere. Thanks to Damien Mulley’s blog post for the idea.

6,407,580 people in the UK
2,320,200 are male
2,789,540 are female

3,241,800 men between 18 and 25
1,565,520 women between 18 and 25
907,620 men between 25 and 35
1,006,420 women between 25 and 35
227,220 men and women between 35 and 60

Professional vs student
5,160,740 who are not students
295,260 are in High School
447,820 are in college
503,760 Alumni

As you can see, the ratio of professionals to students is extremely high. This is something that LinkedIn enthusiasts should take note of. It’s hardly surprising Facebook is targeting universities via their O2 relationship.

Relationship status
906,980 men registered as single
826,620 women registered as single
638,740 men in a relationship
907,400 women in a relationship
276,840 men who are married
414,740 women who are married

545,240 Liberals
251,320 Moderates
216,660 Conservatives

London network
1,503,979 people in the London network
577,380 are male
665,180 are female

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Web 2.0 Summit 2007 – A conversation with Mark Zuckerberg

A fascinating interview with John Battelle and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg at this week’s Web 2.0 Summit. Mark elaborates on his interpretation of mapping the ‘Social Graph’ and confirms that Facebook is looking to develop an advertising model. The video is over 30 minutes long but worth watching to gain some insights into Facebook’s future direction. Also some great questions from Forrester’s Charlene Li!

Facebook Flyers

Charlene Li over at Forrester has written a great post regarding the potential of using Facebook Flyers as a marketing tool. Facebook Flyers allow members to create small display ads that are shown in the left navigation bar within Facebook. If you are already using a Facebook group to promote your business, you may also want to think about using Facebook Flyers as a quick and efficient way to promote your business.

Incidentally, I’ve also wondered how much it costs to ‘sponsor’ a group on Facebook. There are already quite a few organisations who have sponsored groups and the numbers are growing rapidly. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide the costs on their site, so I decided to email them. Here is the response I received:

“Sponsored Groups provide marketers an opportunity to integrate into the Facebook group experience with a completely customized destination. Sponsored Group enables brand lovers and new customers to share common
interests around your brand, connect with their Facebook friends and other users, communicate frequently and honestly, and exchange thoughts experiences, and recommendations. Please note that there is a minimum
monthly spend of $50K with a 3 month commitment

So, if you have $150,000 spare, you might also want to look at sponsoring a Facebook group to promote your business.

I’ve linked to Charlene’s recent presentation which makes great reading.

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