Chris Anderson Experiments with the Free/Freemium Model

Wired’s Chris Anderson talks about his new book and the various methods of how he is making it available for free, versus the ‘freemium’ model.  Since, I prefer the written word, I actually bought it from Amazon. A book review will be posted soon. In the meantime, you can download a free audiobook version below:

Click here to download the unabridged audiobook of Free: The Future of a Radical Price for ‘free’


[Bonus] Listen to Chris Anderson’s talk at the RSA in London

Keynote Videos from The Next Conference 2009

You can watch the Jeff Jarvis keynote below from The Next Conference. The title of his talk is called The Great Restructuring of our times (fuelled by the Internet and now accelerated by the financial and economic crisis). Now, if only Jeff’s book from Amazon would arrive 🙂

Jeff’s slides can be found below.
The second opening keynote was delivered by Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab and a strong advocate of a radical changed capitalism. Like Tim O’Reilly did with the web, he calls this Capitalism 2.0. Maybe we’ll see Capitalism 2.0 Conferences soon?

According to Haque, capitalism is fundamentally broken. But he has some ideas on how to fix it. In a recent blog post he writes:

It is no coincidence that so many industries are in trouble simultaneously and so fast. The growth of the Zombieconomy is a Jupiter-sized wake-up call to today’s leaders.

Here’s the real problem.

Capitalism 1.0 is built on an obsolete set of ideals. What the 21st century needs are better ideals, to build a better kind of business on.

Fundamentally, we need organizations that can behave very differently. Telcos are a great example — they’ve been fighting tomorrow for decades. And the bill is now coming due.

That’s a tough set of lessons to internalize. Recently, I gave a talk on Constructive Capitalism to a bunch of senior guys at a major international organization. They debated with me for close to an hour whether a better kind of capitalism was really necessary.

Frankly, I thought it was a bit funny that the debate was necessary at all. Hey, look — it’s the simultaneous collapse of significant portions of the manufacturing and service sectors. Convinced yet?

Andrew Keen’s talk at the conference, with some interesting insights from his forthcoming book  Digital Vertigo.
Nice to see Andrew doesn’t use slides for his talks!


Blogging at the Speed of Thought

I can’t wait to try this out. WordPress is upping the game in the world of blogging to compete with Twitter. I myself have been blogging less of late, as I spread most of my content out through my Twitter stream. However, I think enhancements to blogging platforms such as P2 might be a good way to bring the masses back to blogging.

Hello P2! I’ve missed blogging and it’s good to be back!

Here’s the overview of what’s new in P2:

  • Threaded comment display on the front page.
  • In-line editing for posts and comments.
  • Live tag suggestion based on previously used tags.
  • A show/hide feature for comments, to keep things tidy.
  • Real-time notifications when a new comment or update is posted. (If you have a Mac, you know what we mean when we say it’s Growl-like.)
  • Super-handy keyboard shortcuts: c to compose a new post; j to go to the next item; k to go to the previous item; r to reply; e to edit; o to show and hide comments; t to go to the top; esc to cancel.
  • Helvetica Neue for you modern font lovers.
  • Plus more to come! Keep an eye on the news blog for updates.


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