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Proporta Gadget Bag – A Review


Hannah, from Proporta was kind enough to send me the Proporta Gadget Bag for review just before Christmas. Since then, I have been carrying the bag everywhere I go!

The Proporta gadget bag is a great and handy way to store all of your gadget accessories. The “Transformer-like” nature of this bag means you can unzip the front two compartments and take the smaller bag anywhere. Alternatively, you can assemble the whole thing to organise your gear for a long journey.  The gadget bag is perfect for those people who love their gadgets and carry around a lot of cables and adapters.

IMG_2225 IMG_2226

Click on each picture to enlarge the view

As you can see, the bag is small with the compartments on and even smaller when the compartments are zipped off. The bag is particularly useful if you are a netbook user too. Overall, I love the concept, because it is so easy to use.

Never again will you lose your batteries, battery chargers, media sticks or USB cables!

Pros: It is very light and incredibly flexible with lots of compartments. You can’t go wrong with this case.

Cons: The gadget bag misses a small briefcase style handle. Other than that, it’s perfect.

Overall A+

The Proporta Gadget Bag is available from priced at £24.95.

In fact, I think I may need need to get a few more of these!

Twitter Wall!

Wow. I found this neat little tool to create an online mosaic wall of all the people who are following you on Twitter. Hello everybody!!

Go create your own Twitter wall!

Digital Projection Genius


Wow. I first heard of this tiny projector from a post on Engadget some months ago. The video above, (though in Spanish) shows how amazing this tiny projector is. The Optoma Pico Pocket Projector is the UK’s smallest and lightest projector of its type, and the first to use DLP technology to guarantee remarkable image quality. The Optoma Pico connects to a variety of media devices for projection of presentations, or digital media such as videos or pictures.

Small and light at just 115g, the battery-operated projector is primed for instant plug and play viewing on the move. The tiny machine will connect to a variety of personal media players, mobile phones, iPods, PDAs and cameras. With a very reasonable battery life of two hours, this should be more than enough to cover a meeting, or the projection of a movie



The Optoma Pico Pocket Projector will be available from selected UK retailers and online stores from November 2008, priced at £249. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on this device and take it for a road test. A definite item to add to Santa’s stocking this Christmas.

For more information, visit: .

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Hot Off The Press…


I’m feeling a little bit proud today. Back in March this year, I was awarded BCS Chartered IT Professional Membership. Today, my name and quite a few others were published in today’s Daily Telegraph, how great is that?  You can find me near the top of the fourth column!

“…Chartered IT Professional membership (CITP), is a gold standard for people to aspire to: experience,
proof of competence, academic achievement – a total package underpinned by a code of conduct”.
The BCS began offering its members chartered IT professional status in 2004. Four years later, 18,000
members have earned the right to put CITP after their names.”

Becoming a CITP is great. However, it has to mean more than just letters after my name. So, over the coming time ahead I’m going to see if I can find ways to reach out with the BCS and give something back to the industry.

Can’t get to a copy of the Telegraph today? Download a PDF version of all the Chartered IT Professionals here.  Well done to all the newly minted CITP’s . A proud day for all of our mums!

[Extra] Wendy Grossman reports on how professional status within the computer industry could help companies choose the right people